Frequently Asked Question's

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Do you sell to the public?

SuperPrint is a trade printer which means that only print resellers/brokers have access to our pricing. SuperPrint does not sell to end-users.

How do I setup an account?

Simply click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT and fill out a short application. You will have immediate access to our ordering system.

Where can I look at your pricing?

In order to protect the market and you profits, you must have an account to view pricing. Simply create an account to view prices.

How do you verify if an account holder is not an end-user?

SuperPrint takes steps to ensure each new account is a reseller. Accounts found to be end-users will be immediately suspended.

File Setup

What file types are accepted?

.AI (Adobe Illustrator), .PSD (Adobe Photoshop), .EPS, .PDF, JPG, .TIF

Should my fonts be outlined?

YES! GrPrint is a trade printer which means that we accept camera ready artwork only. Breaking the fonts helps us by making sure that the fonts don't change on our side when we open up the file.

What color space should I send my files in?

All files should be sent in CMYK. Any files submitted in RGB may experience unacceptable color shifting. All files submitted in RGB are automatically converted to CMYK.

What are the bleed requirements?

All files must include a 1/8" (0.125 inch) bleed regardless if your design bleeds to the edge or not. An example of bleed setup for a 4" x 6" postcard would be 4.125" x 6.125".

What are your resolution requirements?

All rasterized (bitmap) images must be at least 300 dpi. However, 400 dpi for photo images and 1200 dpi for text and line art is highly recommended. "

Should I include crop marks in my file?

Do never ever include crop marks in your artwork. Always submit your artwork at trim size + bleed. An example of bleed setup for a 4" x 6" postcard would be 4.125" x 6.125".

Can I include front and back images in 1 file?

Each side of your artwork must be in a separate file. Do not put both front and back in the same file.

Should overprint be turned on or off?

It is STRONGLY suggested that overprint is turned off to avoid unexpected results.

File Submission
File Submission
File Submission
File Submission
File Submission